Compass Universal Mail Client 2.80.10

Compass Universal Mail Client 2.80.10


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Date Added:20 October, 2012

Author: Compass Soft

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Compass Universal Mail Client is a useful application that will enable you to easily access and manage your web email. With amazing features such as the an integrated new message creator, system tray ability, support for the three largest web mail providers and up to 2 custom e-mail providers of your choice; Why would you access your email with a web browser ever again? FEATURES: Minimize to System Tray: · Keep your inbox close whenever you are using the computer by minimizing the Compass Universal Mail Client to the system tray. Quick View: · View your inbox in a small window that you can keep open while you do other things, helping you be more productive and keep an eye on important messages. Look Through Feature: · Click and hold the "see through" button to look through the Compass Universal Mail Client window. Enabling quick reference of information in other windows. Integrated New Message Creator: · Do you need to email an address quickly. It has never been easier! Just right click the system tray icon and click "New message", and you'll be able to instantly create a new message in any mail client! Discrete Update Check: · The new and improved updater automatically informs you if a new version of the software is available and prompts you to download it Better Security: · The new Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) indicator icon tells you if the connection you are using is secure. Common Controls Buttons: · Create new messages, and even access your folders in Gmail and Yahoo mail directly from within the program Common Controls Shortcuts: · Your time is valuable, increase productivity with keyboard shortcuts. Just hold the alt key and click the first letter of any button to use it (for example ALT + N creates a new message in all the mail cients) Streamlined Consistent Interface/Standardized Layouts: · No matter what Mail Client you are use, the the Compass Mail Client Version 2.XX provides a consistent buttons, design and usability Options Center: · The all new options center provides a one stop window to access every single option available Customizable Settings: · Change the program to suit your needs, change everything from the placement of the tabs, to the ad blocker Customizable Theme: · Compass Mail Client Version 2.XX fits your mood , no matter what it may be, allowing you to alter the color of the whole program, and the color of the fonts Built in Help: · Get program help, without having to exit the Compass Universal Mail Client Notepad Save: · Keep message backups or free inbox space by opening Windows Notepad directly from the Compass Universal Mail Client allowing you to save messages to your computer! Caps Lock Warning Indicator: · It can get frustrating trying to input passwords when Caps Lock is enabled. Thankfully Compass Universal Mail Client lets you know with an indicator whenever Caps Lock is enabled. Ad Blocker: · Hide bothersome ads in both Windows Live Mail and Yahoo Mail! · Note: Minimum Screen resolution of 1024 by 768 required for Ad Blocker to function properly. Print Capabilities: · Have any important messages that you want to print! Well the go ahead print it! .Net Framework Compliant: · Compass Universal Mail Client features .Net framework compliance which means better looking and more streamlined visual styling.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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